"I have only been using the Natural Oasis Products for a couple of days but i have seen and felt a noticeable difference. My hair feels soft and moisturized. I never knew how dry it was until i started using these products. My hair also feels thicker as well. I believe this is because your products absorb right into the hair. I did not realize how much my other products were weighing down my hair. Thank you so much for creating this hair care line. I will most certainly tell my friends and family about Natural Oasis. I came across your line specifically because it was a [minority] owned business. However, your ingredients, tutorials and your own personal story won me over (Instead of the other brands I was thinking about trying). I am so happy for both me and my hair : ). I would advise others to take the chance and try Natural Oasis as I did. I used to use the ***** [product] line but I have seen the light! Natural Oasis not only styles your hair but it grows and nurtures it like the sun. I cannot thank you enough. I hope my returning patronage gives you some indication of how much your company is appreciated."

D. Mack, California


Thank you natural oasis I received my order. LOVE YOUR PRODUCT, MY HAIR IS BEAUTIFUL NATURALLY. I have received so many compliments on my hair’s health and style...I rock the braided curly afro.

I refer inquiring minds to your website. Once again thank you thank you thank you.  And your customer service ROCK.

 Barbara T, OHIO


I'm new to the Natural Oasis product line and most thankful my research led me to what has proven to be a remarkable discovery! I appreciate the functionality of the products for hair and skin - how incredible is that?! I've even made sample packs from my own stash to share with friends and family to spread the joy. The oil free balm and the honey creme have been exceptional additions to my styling routine. I primarily wear either a single or double strand twist and love the results! 

Best regards, 



I received the products yesterday, I love the Essential Balms already! I applied the Liquid Balm to my face after I washed it, and it left a soft cooling effect to my skin. I see exactly what you meant when you said that the scent is catered to us, [men] it smells great. The texture of the bottle is so amazing...Lol And thank you for the Vinegar and Tea as well, I can now continue my daily Herbal Shots lol

Again thank you!



...I absolutely love the products I've been natural for 2 yrs and had become a product junkie until I found ur products...I get so many compliments!

Satisfied customer, MD


Having received Natural Oasis Honey [Gloss] Balm was a gift from HEAVEN!!!

My 9 year old daughter was plagued with severe dandruff. It was so bad that she needed her hair washed twice a week. Her scalp would turn totally white after having lifted the flakes off her scalp. Doctors advised she had severe ringworm. After testing the flakes it was determined she didn't have ringworm. It was dandruff. After years of trying market brand dandruff products...and home remedies to our disappointment her scalp became progressively whiter.

During a trip to Maryland I was given the Natural Oasis Honey [Gloss] Balm...I was pleased with the smell and couldn't wait to use this product on my natural hair and my daughters hair for moisture. To my total amazement after going through my typical hair routine for both of our hair I immediately noticed a difference. My once dry and lifeless hair was shiny and not greasy and smelled nice. My daughters hair was smoother, shinier and also not greasy. The real test was two days later...her scalp was brown! Unbelievable. My baby felt like a science experiment, as the entire family marveled over her brownness. A week later she is cured, still brown and very happy. She's free of being teased by classmates, a sore head from scratching and I now am free from the frustration of my time consuming routine! Did I say I'm in love with this product? I cannot wait
to try the other products by Natural Oasis!

-Larie, PA


"Thanks for an amazing product in the Hair and Scalp Dressing. It keeps my bush moisturized between washes so well, I only have to apply it once on my wash day, saving me product and money!!! It smells amazing and is all natural, I am telling EVERYONE I MEET about your products! Thank you thank you thank you!"



First I want to tnx u for the speedy delivery,...Secondly-the packaging is fantastic!!!...Thirdly - I followed the instruction[s] and I [have] received compliment[s] on my hair...I love d smell of d product...I had middle length hair (4c) which I cropped...I like d low cut and will keep using d product as my hair grows out I like the setting lotion-I also learnt that I hv to go easy on d step 2 until I hv more hair...Overall - I am pleased with my investment !

Bola, Maryland


I am originally from the "DMV", but I now live in Alabama... I know Alabama. I love Natural Oasis hair and scalp conditioner (which I call "grease"). 

-A. J. N., Alabama


I bought a product in bulk some time ago that has been fantastic... I'd like to buy more.



These products have made my hair soft and very moisturized.  I am happy that I have found this website. I will repurchase again in the future.  My hair is manageable and easy to handle. All the products smells heavenly.  great communication with the owner and very professional.  Thank you very much for making these hair products, and the videos are very helpful as well.  Keep them coming.



I would like to commend you on such beautiful hairstyles which have inspired me to keep on going with my natural look since I did my big chop in January 2013.



I am very pleased. The setting product works well. The deep leave in [Honey Creme] conditioner too.

-Anotoinette M.