Daddys Doing Natural Hair - Easy, Long-Lasting Styles for Kids

  Photo Credit: Daddy Doin Work

Photo Credit: Daddy Doin Work

With the popularity and assistance of YouTube videos and many natural hair blogs, it's become easier than ever to learn how to care for your little ones natural hair. Even Dad's are motivated and more confident when it comes to styling natural hair. Fewer things are more attractive than a man who takes the time and exercises the patience necessary to style and care for his little ones hair. And no doubt mothers appreciate assistance in this area. Fathers who take the time to care for their little ones hair not only offer much needed assistance but it's a great way to draw closer, bond and spend quality time with your precious little one. You may never be able to create all the latest intricate natural hair styles but learning how to do the basics is easier than ever with a little visual assistance, and Step-by-Step instructions. Here are a few simple steps to help you create styles that are easy and long lasting.

Natural Hair Care Individual Braids with Triangular Parts 

In addition to learning how to create a few simple styles, doing them in a way that won't cause unecessary tears or hair breakage is also a technique you will need to master to get through those tiny styling sessions successfully. 

Step 1:  Apply a moisturizing product and or detangling spray before attempting to comb through the delicate tendrils of tender headed tykes. First apply a small amount of moisturizer, then spray on detangler. After which, hand separate a small section and hold the hair gently but firmly at the base of the head. Using a large tooth comb begin combing the hair starting from the ends gently and slowly combing closer to the root or base of the head, all the while holding hair in the hands tightly enough so your little one can not feel the tug of the comb. Once the majority of the hair has been detangled, gradually release the hair and comb slowly from the base out to the ends. Having some type of distraction such as their favorite TV program or video or game device will help keep them from getting restless or noticing those few tugs that may occur during the detangling process. As each portion of hair is detangled, if you know how to braid or twist, put the hair in a large twist or braid until all hair at each section has been detangled.

Natural Hair Two-Strand Flat Twists

Step 2: After all the hair has been thoroughly detangled, decide which style is easiest to create. If you have learned how to create your little ones favorite style that may be the best option. If not, the easiest style may be a simple pony tail or two. Be sure to use a fabric covered band or "scrunchie" so as not to pull, break or tangle the hair. Gently come or brush all hair up and softly apply pony tail band around the hair. If the hair follicle can be seen pulling from at the scalp, it is too tight. Loosen the band so as not to cause your little one pain or permanent hair loss. If you or your little one would prefer to have a slightly more intricate style, check out a few tutorials that will help you create basic plaits or twists that may last longer and be more preferable to your tiny client.

Natural Hair Care Two-Strand Sister Twists | Twist Out

Step 3: Finally, apply a finishing oil to the hair to minimize frizzy edges and give the hair a lasting sheen. At night, using a cute satin bonnet or scarf will help to prevent the absorption of oils into the pillow case and keep edges and style looking fresh and neat for the next day.

Dads your efforts are greatly appreciated, not only by Mom but by your precious little one who will forever cherish the effort you put forth to spend quality time with then and to care for the beautiful natural hair.