Written by Michelle Richardson

In the international cheese section of my local supermarket I saw it: a black kinky afro bopping down the aisle commanding attention (my own tresses in a protective style tucked under a crochet cap). As I drew near the dark chocolate sister rocking the fierce ’do donning power suit and heels those two words—hey gorgeous—were out of my mouth with zero thought as to how they would be perceived. Bright eyes lit up, crinkling at the corners, redirecting themselves towards me. A smile touched her lips and a soft ‘thank you’ spoken. Her response elicited a smile of my own and gentle squeeze of hand clutching her basket of necessities. As daughter and I moved away from the young lady, I noticed the wide smile on my daughter’s face. Making someone’s day made hers. I realize some may think my words and gesture during this two-second exchange intimate, forward, or even brazen. Perhaps they were. For me, they were appreciative and an acknowledgment of beauty rarely acknowledged with consistency. 

The woman, an unknown passerby, wasn’t a stranger. She could have been me, only years younger and shades darker. I thought perhaps she hadn’t heard those two words often enough. Perhaps the young lady was surprised that a random shopper noticed her, acknowledged her, and called her gorgeous. Perhaps I’m wrong, but her tone of voice and expression told me and my daughter I had not been. 

There is no stronger sentiment than to be truly seen and appreciated for who you are, just as you are! Variation is beautiful and we epitomize beauty…naturally so.



Michelle Richardson
author | lover of life

Isn't it time we equate positive with what's real?

Posted on January 4, 2015 .