Journey To Natural Hair

A Natural Hair Journey & Transition Story

Last spring I began helping an amazing young lady transition to her natural hair texture.

Having always had a healthy head of hair, though relaxed, she-and I, were a bit apprehensive about cutting all of her relaxed hair at once. 

Since her hair had become severely damaged after enrolling in a major University and enduring all the stress that comes along with it, her hair began to suffer. Giving it a great deal of thought she decided to make the transition. 

This video will showcase her transition and the final look we chose to help protect her beautiful new natural tresses.

It is highly recommended that you test your hair before attempting this style to be sure it is compatible with your hair type, texture and condition.

VIDEO PHASE 1: THE PARTIAL BIG CHOP The video below shows how her hair was cut in a partial big chop. Then coiled & perm rod set. This allowed her time to become accustomed to working with her natural hair.


VIDEO PHASE 2: This video will show a few weeks later when her hair was a tad bit longer and able to be perm rod set all over. This "Cute Curly Fro" is ideal for those who are newly natural.  


VIDEO PHASE 3: After the final cut to remove the remainder of her relaxed ends. The video below chronicles her 1 year complete transition into her natural and professional journey. After achieving a significant amount of growth, we opted for a style that would allow her to protect her ever growing natural hair and provide her with a low maintenance style. The thumb nail photo is here before pic when her hair was healthy yet relaxed. After the stresses of college and life her healthy hair began to suffer. The video will pick up her journey to natural hair from that point. Enjoy her touching journey!