Voluminous No-Heat Wand-Like Curls Tutorial

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Create Beautiful, Healthy No-Heat "Wand-like Curls". This tutorial will show step-by-step how to stretch and curl natural hair at the same time, while creating defined, long-lasting, voluminous "Wand-like" curls. These curls will generally last for up to two weeks without re-setting. To maintain a more defined look, simply remove rods and apply oil to each curl. To create a more "Voluminous" look, using a large tooth comb or pic, comb through and thoroughly separate to give the hair a thicker fuller look. Not to worry though, if your curls were properly set they will redefine while still maintaining a voluminous look. 

To maintain this look, pull the hair up into a "pineapple or high-bun", sleep in a satin bonnet or or use a satin pillow case. To maintain your defined look apply an extra-light styling oil daily. To maintain even more definition, twirl random curls around the finger tips throughout. To increase the length of your style and redefine the curls, re-roll the hair or 3-strand twist the hair in large chunks.

When setting the hair, the smaller the sections the less time it will take to dry the hair and the more defined and long-lasting your curls will be. (Taking short cuts to create this style will yield a set that will last only a few days, but will not maintain as define a look as taking your time and setting the hair wet or damp and in smaller sections). If you have fewer rods be sure to stretch and not over saturate the hair with too much product as this will greatly increase your drying time.

What you will need:

1) About 20-40 Perm or Flexi Rods.

2) Moisturizer

3) Setting Lotion or Gel.

4) Large tooth Comb

5) Large tooth Rat-Tail Comb

6) Medium to small rat-tail comb.

7) Hair oil or balm for curl defining & sealing