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 Hat by  , Earrings by Toni Daley, Bone Bracelet by

Hat by , Earrings by Toni Daley, Bone Bracelet by

Krafty Knits

Wanting different and knowing an alternative is within reach is perhaps one plight of our existence, manifesting itself in our apparel choices, career paths and havens we decorate and call home. From this energy, creators awaken giving birth to new and refreshing.

What separates this lady is the uniqueness of her creations and how she presents them.

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Michelle Richardson (MR): What is the meaning behind the name and how was your company founded?

Paula (Krafty Knits): I was trying to come up with a name that would incorporate my love of crafts with my love of loom knitting and came up with Krafty Knits, making it a little playful by using a ‘K' for Crafty instead of the ‘C'.  The company was founded out of my own desire to give my natural hair a break from the heat, but knowing that I would still need to find a hat to protect my head from the cold and my hair from the drying effects of knitted hats.

When did you realize you developed a love for crochet and knitting?

I have been playing with yarn since I was a teenager. My mother crocheted and knitted and we [eldest of six siblings] all took some form of interest in the craft. You never saw her sitting down without some project in her hand and we  took turns helping her unravel yarn and marvel at the items she created, making up her own stitches in the process.

I used to make latch hook rugs and have them framed or make area rugs. I graduated to hats and scarfs, then much later finished a few projects my mother had started before she passed and gave them to my children.

I can remember starting a few latch hook rugs, but never finished. How were you introduced to loom knitting?

By accident. Picked up a kit when I was in a store buying supplies for a school project for one of my children and decided to play around with it and see what I could do.  I liked the results, bought another kit and have been playing ever since.

Do you consider this your passion, a expressive form of your creative energy?

A combination of both.  It's very relaxing and I enjoy doing it. I like taking a pattern and putting my own spin on it which is where the creative energy comes into play.

I look forward to creating new styles and working with different types of yarn in the same piece to create a whole new look. One day I will actually learn how to knit with needles then I will be dangerous.

Many could argue the market is saturated with hats in various styles readily available at all price points in brick and mortar retail stores or those online. What are the distinctive differences? 

Those items are mass produced in factories that are sent all over the world. You can be in a grocery store and see 10 people with the same or similar type hat. Mine are hand crafted and only a limited number of items will be created.  Might only be four hats in the same color, but varying styles and lengths so that no two hats are ever the same.

You mentioned protecting your hair from the drying elements in the fabrics used as another reason. So are your hats marketed more towards naturals?

My hats can be worn by all, but since I will be offering a satin lining those particular hats will be marketed to naturals.

Will you offer satin lining in all of our hats?

No, the satin lining will be optional for the wool and wool blend hats only.

Clearly you wear your own creations. Any favorites?

I have been having fun creating and wearing the hats. My favorite is the figure 8, I’ve made several versions using different weight yarns and  sized looms and even though it's the same stitch the overall look is different.

Have people approached you, stopped you on the street to inquire or admire your hats?

Yes, I have gotten many compliments on my hats either by wearing them or showing pictures of finished pieces. There is a sense of pride knowing that other people like them as much as you do.

If someone sees a style they like, can they request you make it for them? 

This is currently a one woman show so other than the optional lining, no other customizations will be offered at this time. The plan is to be able to offer customizations in the future.

What specific pieces will Krafty Knits offer?

A unisex basic knit skully, a female skully and a few other slouchy and non-slouchy styles. Might offer a limited number of headband and infinity scarf sets, and hats and scarfs sets during the holidays.

Will the styles vary?

I will be offering two collections, a Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer. While there may be some overlapping of styles just in different types of yarn, I will always offer some new creations also to keep ‘krafty knits' fresh.

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With a growing collection of Krafty Knits originals, I am an admirer. 

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Posted on April 5, 2015 .