New Video "Massive Super Defined Spiral Curls"- Go Ahead...Show off All That Beautiful, Natural Hair!

Learn to create long-lasting, super defined curls, using flex-rods, perm rods or straws. 

By now, everyone knows that flex-rods are one of my favorite ways to style natural hair.  I've been wanting to showcase a super tight, full and defined massive curly style that can be worn for those summer days or evenings when you want to let loose all the natural hair growth you've spent months or even years to grow. This style really allows you to show off all that hard work and sacrifice, utilizing protective styles to achieve massive hair growth. Using a similarly used technique with flex-rods, this styling option will allow you to create super defined, long-lasting curls that can go from a big, massive curly fro or spiral ringlets to a super full pineapple or curly puff when the curls begin to fall. This technique should give you curls that will last 1-2 weeks, perhaps longer, depending on how favorable the weather is where you live. So godhead, treat yourself to this awesome mane of magnificent curls. And if you haven't grown it yourself yet,...improvise by creating this look with a protective sew-in or crotchet weave. For more information of products used click here:

Wishing you all the best with your natural hair goals,


Posted on July 25, 2016 .