Natural Oasis Products


Our products are all-natural, holistic products that will yield amazing yet gentle results for both hair & skin. We formulate our products with "100% Pure, All-Natural" Edible ingredients for the safety of those with allergies related to, common cosmetic grade ingredients, synthetic fragrance, soy, sulphates, parabens, silicones & estrogen so that you can be sure they are safe yet effective for you and your family. We use only 100% pure, full-strength, full potency, highly concentrated and highly beneficial, Non-GMO, Non-hydrogenated, non-toxic oils, all-natural and organic fruit, herbs & flowers and essential oils. 

Our products are not diluted  with water or cheap carrier oils, they are highly concentrated and last 2-4 times longer than most products, are naturally shelf stable and preserved without the use of harmful chemicals. Freshness Guaranteed! Our products are made fresh weekly so you will always receive highly potent and effective products. 


Our “Spa Quality” ESSENTIAL BALMS line of Unisex products are specially formulated for the special hair & skin care needs of both men & women, especially those with fragile hair and sensitive skin. These products are created with 100% Pure, All-Natural & Edible ingredients. Highly concentrated and effective for soothing & softening the hair, skin & body. Enriched with 100% pure all-natural essential oils derived from organic fruit, herbs & flowers. These product will help to sooth conditions related to psoriasis, eczema & severely dry hair & skin. Our products are highly concentrated hand-made fresh daily. 

Created by our founder, a Virginia Native & Howard University Graduate, in 1968. Our products are the result of decades of experience in the fields of cosmetology, human ecology, natural hair & skin care and formulating natural remedies. We pride ourselves on making only the best, highly nourishing and effective, pure ingredient hair & skin care products. We do constant research and continually enhance the quality of our products to insure they are the most  beneficial, 100% all-natural hair & skin care products you can buy.