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"Thank you for staying true to your brand and formulating cruelty-free natural products especially for someone like myself who has been natural over a decade and recently struggled finding products that can moisturize and help revive my hair and renew my skin!!! Customer service is amazing and the hospitality you show to your customers and informing us how to use the products sets Natural Oasis apart from the rest. The products are so versatile I even used the herbal hair & scalp conditioner on my lips and they were super soft and moisturized, like what?!? Lol you don’t find products that can cater to the whole body like that. Products here are affordable and with my 4c hair I have found my staple hair and skin care line. I definitely will be repurchasing."

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4A/B/C Natural Hair Defined | 3 Strand Twists | Easy Technique | Ft. Model @ Razorempress

For some, your natural hair texture can be difficult to define. All hair textures can be styled in a way that is beautiful, polished and stunning.However, knowing how to achieve the look for your hair type is key. The popularity of 3 Strand Twists is ever growing as are the many ways of creating them. This video will show you step-by-step how to create a "Faux" Wash-N-Go look from an easy to create 3 strand twist out. These can be created on old stretched hair or on freshly cleansed tresses. For maximum definition, its best to apply additional moisturizer and or setting lotion so that you will maintain your definition for days to come. Check out model Razormepress here: https://www.youtube.com/user/Razorempress #naturalhair #3strandtwist #ropetwists





COLORING your natural hair can be just the change you need to give it new life. However, it can also cause tremendous damage to a healthy head of natural hair that may have taken years to achieve. 

Taking precautions before and after applying permanent color to your hair is essential. If your hair is already damaged, it is best that you wait until your hair is stronger and healthier before doing so. Instead, you may want to opt for milder less damaging color such as henna or temporary color rinses. 

To minimize damage before and after coloring protective style & be sure to eliminate the use of direct heat implements, such as blow dryers, curling and flat irons. instead set the hair and allow to air dry or under a warm hooded dryer.

Once you have determined that your hair is healthy enough for permanent color, it is best to consult with a professional hair colorist who's work you can verify and who has experience working with highly textured natural hair. 

Here are a few additional steps you will want to take to keep your permanently colored natural tresses strong, healthy and flourishing…

Immediately after applying permanent hair color, it is best to shampoo and condition the hair with a color friendly shampoo and conditioner, preferably one that is made by the same color manufacturer.  it should help to seal in the color and prevent fading post color application. 

Permanently colored natural hair will be more porous and thinner because some of the hair’s keratin will be removed during the color process. therefore, It is a good idea to use products such as clay masks or ACV to help close and smooth out the cuticle and to rinse & remove any impurities left on the hair shaft after coloring.

Permanently colored natural hair will also tend to be very dry and brittle. using a good leave-in deep conditioner and moisturizer often will be a must. the hair will also need oils that will penetrate and lubricate the hair shaft. this will help to eliminate the excessive dryness that will be a constant battle for natural hair that is already difficult to keep moisturized.

Adding oils to your favorite moisturizer will help colored hair to maintain softness and shine. 

To intensify penetration of conditioner and oils, apply a plastic cap and heat under a hooded dryer or steamer for 30-60 minutes. The heat will allow the cuticle to open further. after, remove cap, let hair cool so the cuticle will close & oils will lock into the hair shaft. 
then style.

Permanently coloring the hair will inevitable cause thinning and breakage of the hair shaft, for this reason it is important to use a leave-in, anti-breakage conditioner or serum while combing wet. your conditioner should have enough protein to fill in the missing keratin but not so much as to cause hardening of the hair shaft.

Use of an anti-breakage conditioner after each cleansing and while setting the hair will help to significantly minimize hair breakage.

After setting and styling your colored natural hair, it will be necessary to seal and add sheen to your hair as it will absorb oils and  moisturizing products quickly since it is more porous. to maintain the best oil & moisture balance use heavier oils and butters lightly but on a daily basis. 

Finally, to keep hair thick and full, regularly trimming the ends is a must. because colored processed hair is more porous the ends will split easier. 

To prevent split ends from traveling up the hair shaft and causing breakage and thinning, micro or mini-trim the hair monthly. trimming no more than 1/16-1/8th of an inch,. enough to keep split ends at bay but to also retain healthy hair growth.

PRODUCTS USED: Natural Oasis 

Step1 Cleanser- Fruit Herb & Flower ACV 

Step 2-Moisturizer/Leave-in Conditioner Honey Creme Liquid Balm

Step 3- Setting Lotion-Fruit, Herb 7 Flower Setting Lotion (Tea bags) 

Step 4-Add Shine & Seal/Define: Herbal Hair & Skin/Scalp Conditioner Or Honey Gloss & Shine Liquid Balm



How to Stretch, Curl & Define 4B/C Natural Hair Without Heat!


There are times when those of us with naturally tightly coiled or textured hair may want to stretch, elongate and define it. There are many ways to achieve this. Braiding is a tried and generally healthy way to elongate the hair while still maintaining texture. There are new devices being created that also help with stretching or elongating naturally textured hair, but may not curl the hair at the same time.

Why forgo direct heat on naturally dry, kinky hair types?: It is because in order to get the hair completely straight you must disrupt the protein bonds of the hair. The extreme heat needed to straighten the hair will cause these protein bonds to be slightly broken down each time the hair is heat treated. The more often the hair is straightened the more the bonds will be broken down, causing the hair to lose it's natural curl pattern more and more each time the hair is pressed. 

Depending on the hair's texture it may require more aggressive straightening to get the hair as straight and silky as one may desire. The straighter the hair texture is naturally the less heat will be required. This is why some can heat style their hair with minimal heat damage and others experience more damage. The type of process used to straighten the hair will also affect how damaging it will be to the hair. To minimize damage, especially if the hair texture is tighter, more corse and harder to straighten, opt for more indirect ways of straightening, stretching or loosening the hair, such as roller setting. Roller setting will allow you to set the hair in a way that it will straighten naturally as much as it can based on it's natural curl pattern without forcing it to straighten beyond it's natural ability and what is healthy for your particular curl patten and or texture. Heat damage occurs when the hair is forced to straighten far beyond it's natural curl patten using extreme heat and tension. 

Many who have been trying to grow their natural hair have found that the hair only grows to a certain point but never to their desired length. If you are pressing your hair or using heat implements on a regular basis this could be the problem. Also trimming the ends regularly, especially if you are heat treating your hair, is a must. This is because heat treating the hair will cause the ends to split. If these ends are not trimmed they will travel up the hair shaft and cause uneven hair breakage and thinning.


If you have made the decision to "grow" natural, learn to accept your hair's natural texture without comparing it to that of others. Learn the options you have for changing and increasing your style options without damaging it with the excessive use of heat..

This website has many style options and videos that will show Step-By-Step how to stretch the hair without damaging it and causing irreparable damage to your precious natural hair texture.

How to Achieve this look: When we opt for a curly style we most often want to maintain as much noticeable length as possible. This video will show how to define and elongate the hair while also creating amazing texture, curls and waves all without applying extreme tension, heat or manipulation to achieve the look. 

What you will need to achieve this look:

PRODUCTS: Natural Oasis 

Step1 Cleanser- Fruit Herb & Flower ACV 

Step 2-Moisturizer/Leave-in Conditioner Honey Creme Liquid Balm

Step 3- Setting Lotion-Fruit, Herb 7 Flower Setting Lotion (Tea bags) 

Step 4-Add Shine & Seal/Define: Herbal Hair & Skin/Scalp Conditioner Or Honey Gloss & Shine Liquid Balm

2) TOOLS: Large tooth comb, Rat-Tail Comb, Magnetic Rollers with Clamps, Large Perm Rods.


Cute Curly Fro | Transition Style

Not everyone is ready to do the drastic "big chop". This Natural Hair Transition Style Tutorial will show you how to style your hair while gradually cutting your relaxed ends. As well as how to style two hair textures while growing out the rest of your relaxer.

4C Defined Corkscrew Curly Coily Fro: Great way to define, stretch and curl short 4B/C natural hair.  For transitioning hair to help blend natural and relaxed hair together to create a uniform look. For best results stretch and roll hair at the same time up rod. 

What you will need to achieve this style: 

1) About 30 perm rods.

2) Large tooth comb & leave-in moisturizer & detangler.

3) Large tooth rat-tail comb.

4) Small tooth rat-tail comb for smoothing & setting hair.

5) Setting lotion.

6) Hair oil for shine and sealing.

7) Maintain using a satin bonnet or sleeping on a satin pillow case.

To prevent dryness in the future, eliminate all direct heat, permanent hair color and bleaching, as this will make 4C hair textures excessively dry, brittle and prone to breakage. Click here for products used. 

PRODUCTS: Natural Oasis 

Step1 Cleanser- Fruit Herb & Flower ACV 

Step 2-Moisturizer/Leave-in Conditioner Honey Creme Liquid Balm

Step 3- Setting Lotion-Fruit, Herb 7 Flower Setting Lotion (Tea bags) 

Step 4-Add Shine & Seal/Define: Herbal Hair & Skin/Scalp Conditioner Or Honey Gloss & Shine Liquid Balm

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"Super Defined Massive Spiral Curls"

By now, everyone knows that flex-rods are one of my favorite ways to style natural hair.  I've been wanting to showcase a super tight, full and defined massive curly style that can be worn for those summer days or evenings when you want to let loose all the natural hair growth you've spent months or even years to grow. This style really allows you to show off all that hard work and sacrifice, utilizing protective styles to achieve massive hair growth. Using a similarly used technique with flex-rods, this styling option will allow you to create super defined, long-lasting curls that can go from a big, massive curly fro or spiral ringlets to a super full pineapple or curly puff when the curls begin to fall. This technique should give you curls that will last 1-2 weeks, perhaps longer, depending on how favorable the weather is where you live. So godhead, treat yourself to this awesome mane of magnificent curls. And if you haven't grown it yourself yet,...improvise by creating this look with a protective sew-in or crotchet weave. For more information of products used click here: http://www.naturaloasisproducts.com/howtouseproducts

PRODUCTS: Natural Oasis 

Step1 Cleanser- Fruit Herb & Flower ACV 

Step 2-Moisturizer/Leave-in Conditioner Honey Creme Liquid Balm

Step 3- Setting Lotion-Fruit, Herb 7 Flower Setting Lotion (Tea bags) 

Step 4-Add Shine & Seal/Define: Herbal Hair & Skin/Scalp Conditioner Or Honey Gloss & Shine Liquid Balm

Wishing you all the best with your natural hair goals,